MG 7000

modern Spectrometer specialized for testing precious metals is the ideal instrument for testing purity of precious metals. This is a powerful software along with inbuilt computer therefore all the analysis is done at once.



Detailed features:


Size and Weight: 500*500*400mm/MAX:48Kg

Test time: 30~200S

Analysis Elements: Au 、Ag 、pt 、Pd、Rh 、Ru 、Cu、Zn 、Ni、Cd、In


Analysis Range: 1%~99.99%

Test point dimension:1~2mm

Sample Chamber Size: 0~90 mm

Test Precision: +/-0.1% The Precision could keep 0.1% after several repeated test

High Pressure Template: 4~50Kv

X-Ray Source: Mo Material X-ray light tube (Wind Cool, No radiation)

Max. Power: 120W

Detector: Hermitic Proportional Counter with Micro processor. Coated layer measurement: Coated layer thickness Range <30μm.

Eight fans of the circulatory system, Temperature control system can protect themselves

Product uniqueness:

1. XRF Version 3.0 menu mode is adopted with parameter setting, data inspection and calculation . Both of English and Chinese version are available

2. Testing time is fixed by the program to improve the capability and efficiency, without assistance

3. The self-protection technology is able to enhance the consumption life of the X-ray tube. Warm-up and anti interference procedure is controlled by the program, to reduce the interference by the reflected X-ray and the spectrums, to add the accuracy and stability.

4. Optional colors for different elements will help to distinguish the interested elements clearly and conveniently. When the testing is over, the testing report will be shown timely.


Price/ Unit $25,000

MG 8700


An ideal instrument for precious metal analysis which is integrated with a computer for easy operation.

A touch screen display help's you to operate faster and easier than ever before.


Competitive Advantage:


1, Precision: ±10ppm~0.2%

2, Powerful inbuilt Computer for with high Resolution touch Screen display

3, Non Destructive testing Method

4, Large Operation Chamber for Easy handle

5, Easy Calibration Procedure with Pre-supplied “silver plate”

6, Fast And Easy One Touch Operation with Programmable  “testing time”

7, In-built Camera to locate the testing area of the sample

8, High Voltage Protection System

9, X-ray Tube with overheating protection

10. Low Energy Radiation protection System




It is designed with high security standards to protect the operator from any radiation leak, high voltage protection and X-ray tube overheating protection system will give you an additional feeling of safe. This new system comes with software controlled “Warm-up and anti interference procedure” reduce the interference by the reflected X-ray and the spectrums to enhance the accuracy and the stability.

Optional colors for different elements will help to distinguish the interested elements clearly and conveniently. After test is completed display will show the Karat value and the percentage of other metals




Fast, precise and non-destructive metal testing for jewellery retailers, jewellery manufacturers, precious metal refineries, pawn shops, government quality inspection departments, banks, laboratories and tertiary institutions.




Working Principle: Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence

Size(mm): 670*400*330

Detection limit: 100ppm Best substance effect

Precision: ±10ppm~0.2%

Expanded Uncertainty: ≤0.36%

Operating Environment: Temperature -11~46℃,Humidity ≤70%

High Voltage: 0~50KV/0~1MA

Detector: Gas Proportional Detector

Testable Elements: Au, Ag, Cu, Zn, Ni, Pt, Pd

Main Structure: High-strength metal frame and industry plastic shell

N/G Weight(KG): 33 / 45


Price/ Unit $35,000

XRF 1000


Precious Metal Analyzer Gold Detector Gold Content Tester Gold Testing Machine

The XRF 1000 Precious Metal Analyzer provide's you with many distinct advantages:


1. Easier, faster, more accurate than nitric acid test methods

2. Faster, more comprehensive analysis than fire assay, with comparable accuracy

3. Simultaneous analysis of all precious metals as well as many other common alloyin elements


 Weight: <3 lbs 10.7 oz (1.66 kg) 


 Dimensions: 10.25*11*4 in. (256*275*100mm)


 Tube: Ag anod 45 kV maximum, 80 uA maximum


 Detector: High-performance semiconductor


 System Electronics: 400 MHz ARM 11 CPU, 300 MHz dedicated DSP, 80 MHz ASICS DSP for signal processing, 4096 channel MCA,

 64 MB internal system memory/ 128MB internal user storage


 Display: Fixed angle, color, touch-screen display


 Standard Analytical Range: 14 elements including all precious metals


 Data Storage: Internal >10,000 readings with spectra


 Data Transfer: USB, Bluetooth, and RS-232 serial communication


 Security: Password-protected user security


 Mode: Precious metals


 Data Entry: Touch-screen keyboard, User-programmable pick lists, Optional wireless remote barcode reader


 Standard Accessories and Features: Locking shielded carrying case, Shielded belt holster, One 6-cell lithium-ion battery pack, 110/220 VAC battery charger/AC adaptor, PC connection cables (USB and RS-232), PC software, Safety lanyard, Mobile test stand


 Optional Features and Accessories: Millenium Gold portable test stand, Additional battery pack, Wireless portable printer, Barcode scanner


 Licensing/Registration: Varies by region. contact your local distributor


 Compliance: CE, RoHS

Price/ Unit $25,000

XRF 2000


Delivers fast and accurate XRF-based precious metal analysis in a compact, elegant design,  providing you with an ideal, nondestructive method to easily test the purity and chemistry of all precious metals. It was designed specifically for countertop use in retail environments, yet it is portable and rugged for use in remote testing locations.  What's more, with our patent-pending Millenium Gold Systems/gold Detection & Identification Technology, it can provide almost instant detection of gold plating with the simple push of a button.

High Performance - Easy, One-Step Process


The XRF 2000 precious metal analyzer provides you with a value-priced alternative to traditional testing methods, offering fire-assay comparable analysis without the use of harsh acids or all these other features:


  • Fast, one-touch operation - allows for quick, smooth, efficient transactions...results in less than 5 seconds

  • Simple, intuitive, touch-screen operation - can be operated easily by non-technical personnel without the need for an external PC

  • Shielded sample chamber - designed to prevent x-ray exposure to customers and operators

  • Elegant industrial design - fits seamlessly with the decor of a retail establishment

  • AuDIT plating detection technology - designed to promptly warn users of the presence of gold-plated material

  • Integrated CCD camera - permits easy sample positioning and image recording

  • Optional 3 mm small-spot focus - allows isolation and testing of small components

  • Front and rear windows for viewing LED-illuminated sample chamber - helps ensure that items being analyzed never leave the customer's sight


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